World Championships

World Championships was held April 19 – 22 and April 26-29 as this year it was a split into two competitions one is in Houston, Texas, which was held on the 19-22 and one in St. Louis, Missouri which was held the 26-29. Team 3925 is a west coast team and was invited to world championships. We went to Houston, Texas the 19- 22 of April. The Championship is a very important event for FIRST, at worlds the event is similar to a normal regional at first, but splits into 6 fields that each goes on as an uninterrupted regional. Once these 6 fields finish qualifications however things get combined into alliances. In the alliance selections a team now picks 3 other teams to join the them instead of two and then compete against each other alliances until one stands as the divisional winner. This alliance represents the division on the two Einstein fields at the front of the competition. Then there is a final’s bracket for both Einstein fields and a winner from each competes to become world champions.