Team 3925 wins the Ventura Regional for the second year in a row

Image of team 3925’s robot going to match

The previous year of 2015-2016, team 3925 won the Ventura regional with teams 330 (The Beach Bots) and 973 (Greybots) last year and competed at the curie divisional field in St. Louis, Missouri. This year we finished the qualification matches as the twelfth ranked team and were chosen by the 6th seed alliance to compete together in the quarter finals. We won up to the semi-finals in eliminations and advanced to the Finals. In the Finals we ended up in a tie-breaker 3rd match where team 3925, allied with 2576 (Chilean Heart) and 114 (Eagle Strike), won the regional with a score of 235 to 170. Due to winning this regional, team 3925 traveled to Houston Texas to compete in the world championships April 19-22.

Team 3925 sets the Regional high score of 450 in
the first semi-final match (image below)

Team 3925 with the blue banner after winning the Regional (image below)