New FRC/FLL/VEX teams



Team 3925 has started three new FRC teams in our area in Santa Paula, Fillmore, and Rio Mesa. We offered our help to these new teams after convincing their schools to start them and encouraged them to come into our room for help learning to build their robot, and also allowing them access to parts and other resources they do not have. This year we have also started three brand new VEX teams in Ventura, California as well. The purpose of these VEX teams were to lift the amount of students in the class, and to also act as our Junior Varsity (JV) robotics team. Later, these students can move onto the Varsity team (3925) with already having background knowledge in how a robot works and the way it is built. In addition, we started two FLL teams in Ventura this year and mentored them, one team even made it to the LA finals.