Leaders and Mentors

Since Team 3925 Circuit of Life is a student run team, we have students run each department which involves them having their own sub team within the department that they are in charge of.

These leads are responsible for meeting deadlines, having knowledge of their department, leading their sub team, taking initiative, being assertive, and thinking of ideas of how to make this team even better.

This is Team 3925’s Robotics teacher this year:

Our two directors manage everything on the team from the students to the leads. They keep everyone in check and make sure everything goes accordingly to plan:

These are the leads, they’re in charge of each sub-department:

Then there are the mentors who are here for advice, knowledge, and support:

Team 3925’s Junior Mentor:

Every leader is capable of having these amazing qualities and more, this is why these are our 2017-18 directors, leads, mentors.