We are FIRST Team 3925: The Circuit of Life. 
Ventura County, California.



Team 3925 robotics has been a team for 5 years and is a student run team. Our duty as a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) field is imperative, we need to spread passion for intellectual endeavors. Because of this, we mentor three other For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Robotics Competition (FRC) teams along with four FIRST Lego League (FLL) teams.We have a variety of skill groups to teach new students aspects of robotics and engineering.Team 3925 is made up of six high schools and is a Regional Occupational Program (ROP) with ten credits per semester. We educate over seventy students each year and have become an UC/Cal State A-G elective requirement class.Team 3925 has gone to FIRST World Championships twice with our robot and three times with individuals, including this past year, when we won our robotics competition in Ventura.

While our teams primary goal is to promote STEM and a deep love for engineering to every new student that comes through the door we also promote a strong sense of community and we keep a friendly air. Our students are dedicated to their work but also are not afraid of having fun, as long as its under control and safe.