Past Competitions:

This year Team 3925 attended Chezy Champs 2017 for the first time in San Jose, California.

Chezy Champs is a competition that is composed of some of the most talented teams in the west coast and is a very competitive.

Team 3925 made it all the way to the quarter finals division and was part of the 2nd seed alliance.

The alliance teams were team 115 Monta Vista, team 649 M-SET Fish, and team 971. There were 40 teams total at the Chezy Champs competition and Team 3925’s ranking was 39 out of 40.


On the bright side though, our climb was consistent and  we had a pretty good gear intake mechanism.


We went with a new design and took off the hopper of our robot and tried to focus more on the gears and climb.

In the end it paid off, we were successful with each gear and mostly each climb.

It was an honor to be able to come to Chezy Champs 2017 this year and we hope to come back and take the victory next year!


Upcoming Competitions:

On October 7th and 8th, Team 3925 Circuit of Life will be attending their next two day competition -Beach Blitz- in Huntington Beach, CA. Please feel free to attend, and support your favorite robotics team. You can click on the image below for more information about Beach Blitz.

Link to the Beach Blitz Schedule