Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach: Spreading STEM

Boys and Girls Club

“We provide a positive place for all youth, especially those who need us most, and quality programs to help them become healthy, responsible, confident and productive members of our community.”

In the past two years,  our team has volunteered with the Boys and Girls club at multiple locations around the county two days a week. There we taught children the fundamentals of engineering and robotics through fun and engaging activities. We believe that the sooner children are educated about computers and technology, the better prepared they will be to face real world challenges. That is why Team 3925 works diligently to ensure that the youth of today are the thinkers of tomorrow.


“Tomorrow’s innovators practice imaginative thinking and team work.”

Team 3925, Circuit Of Life robotics students are also involved in the local FIRST LEGO League competitions. This involves participating with future members of FRC. We believe that it is our duty as a FIRST team to support other sections and teams of FIRST Robotics.  Our students partnered with FLL to help ignite an interest in robotics and STEM at an early age. With hands on techniques, kids are exposed to real world technological and scientific applications.