Calendar of Events

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Regular Meetings are Monday and Thursday at VHS (5:30pm to 9:00pm)
Upcoming Events
This is a tentative schedule. Be sure to check  Mrs. Lomax’s message service for further details.

2-6: Week 1 Competitions 

9-13: Week 2 Competitions 

16-20: Week 3 Competitions(ventura)

23-27: Week 4 Competitions 

30-3: Week 5 Competitions (orange county)


30-3: Week 5 Competitions

1: Payment Due for CHS, IN, and NC District Champs

6-10: Week 6 Competitions

8: Payment Due for FIM, MAR, NE, and PCH District Champs

13-16: Week 7 Competitions

15: Waitlist Registration for 2016 FRC Championship closes



Payment due for PNW District Events
Payment due for 2016 FRC Champs (Qualifying Teams)

Past Events
November 5: Unrestricted Regional Event Registration opens Additional In-District event registration opens 12: Additional Inter-District Event Registration opens Chairman’s, Dean’s List, Entrepreneurship, and Woodie Flowers Award app opens 23: Additional Inter-District Event Registration closes Additional In-district Event Registration closesAll Regional and District Event Registration closesKit and Kickoff Registration closes

Payment due for 1st Regional

Payment due for 1st and 2nd District Event



1: 2016 FRC Kickoff

29: Payment Due for Additional Regionals

Payment Due for Additional In- & Inter-District Event

Payment Due for 2016 FRC Champs (Pre-Qualified Teams)