Team 3925 attends Made In VC 2017   Recently updated !

On Tuesday October 10th members of Team 3925 attended the Made In VC event at Ventura College. Made In VC is an event to expose people of all ages to STEM related programs. Members of Team 3925 went to showcase our t-shirt bot. Many people were very interested on how the robot worked so we gave them the basic idea of how the electrical, programming, and mechanical aspects runs and how it works After the professors presentation at VC the crowd came out to eat at an In-n-Out Burger truck and that moment was our time to shine! As the line started to form for the truck it gave us the opportunity to really show our robot and explain what we do as a team . We also got a chance to explain our role as a business group and got to hand out many business cards. We expressed how and what we do with social media to advertise the team and keep everyone updated on events and any information on the team they may have.  Overall the event was an amazing opportunity to get the word out on the Ventura Robotics Team 3925 Circuit of life.