Yearly Archives: 2017

Piggy Backr Fundraising   Recently updated !

This year Team 3925 Circuit of Life is funding through a program called Piggy Backr. Here you can donate any amount of money you’d like from the smallest amount to the biggest pot load! It’s a fast and convenient way to earn money for activities we would like to do […]

Team 3925 attends Made In VC 2017   Recently updated !

On Tuesday October 10th members of Team 3925 attended the Made In VC event at Ventura College. Made In VC is an event to expose people of all ages to STEM related programs. Members of Team 3925 went to showcase our t-shirt bot. Many people were very interested on how the […]

Steam Punk, Oxnard 2017

What is Steampunk you may ask? Steampunk is a loosely-based term for a sub-genre of Science Fiction, fantasy and role-play that provides an alternate history of steam-powered societies during the Industrial Revolution. According to the festivals website, Steampunk incorporates a blend of the Victorian Era and technology with a bit of […]

Team3925 wins the Orange County Regional

Ouroboros- Orange County Regional Version Team 3925 won the Orange County Regional with teams 3309 (Friar Bots) and 6417 (Fridolins). After the qualification matches, we were chosen by the 1st seed alliance to team up in the quarter finals. We won 4 of 5 matches in the quarter and semi […]

Ventura regional

The Annual Ventura Regional FIRST Robotics Competition will be held at Ventura College in Ventura, California, sometime in March 2018. The competition is an intense three-day competitive event showcasing robots built and operated by dozens of high school teams from all over the world. The mission of FIRST is to inspire […]